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Media consumption patterns change all the time, goals shift, customers change, products change, and so your messaging will need to change too.


In the rapidly shifting landscape of digital marketing and media, it’s essential to establish a strategy — to know why you are doing what you’re doing and how that goal will be achieved.

Media Planning & Buying

We identify relevant media channels and advertising opportunities in market, based on your target audience and marketing objectives. We plan, buy and deliver.


Keeping up with your industry and trends keeps your company relevant. But what’s more, an effective brand strategy gives you an edge in increasingly competitive markets. At S2C, we can help you share your company story – and amplify and fine-tune the brand messaging – to better connect with your audience. S2C can also run content personalisation  and content touchpoints.

Program / Project Managers

We realise sometimes teams can be stretched and there isn’t enough hours in the day, so activate S2C as part of your team to help alleviate the pressure.


At S2C, we can support you in your role, managing multiple projects, deadlines, execution, reporting, and analysing of programs/projects.


Our project managers have excellent organisational, time management, and project management skills.


The media landscape used to be easy and simple to navigate, now not so much.


Delivering to your target audience the right message, through relevant media platforms and formats, with the right content, at the right time of their journeys to achieve maximum results is complex.


At S2C, we can help you build a multi-touch decision making journey to your customer persona, taking the complexity out of your hands.

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Interviews / Blogs / Opinions

It’s hard to create knowledgeable, helpful or useful information for your audience without leveraging the expertise of your company’s best subject matter experts; they just don’t have the time to sit down to write – sound familiar?

Are you in need of local content written for your audience?


At S2C, we take the load off by simplifying the process and writing the valuable content for you, so you don’t have to.

Content distribution tactics

At S2C, we can build a series of content distribution tactics for your content, sharing, promoting, and publishing to match your audience through various channels and formats. These channels will be across owned, earned, and paid.


The way you distribute your content and the strategy behind that is arguably more important than your content itself. Content distribution can boost your brand awareness, connect you to loyal followers, and encourage readers to engage and become customers.


If you are looking for a better idea of how to get your content in front of your followers and customers, contact us for more on this service.


Stories matter. In fact, effective brand storytelling has the power to increase the value of a company’s product or service by over 20 times.


Let’s face it: Stories add ‘exceptional’ value to brands – they shift emotion, create change and amplify your message.


What’s more, a compelling story can reveal to your audience the heart and soul of the company.


As experts in the art of storytelling, we want to bring your brand’s stories to life – and turn bland and forgettable copy into captivating and authentic content.


For sharper storytelling, chat to us about all things content including strategies, case studies, special reports (aka whitepapers), blog posts, EDMs, thought leadership articles and more.

Content strategy & marketing

Content strategies don’t just define the goals your content is intended to achieve, but also the procedure, processes and governance required to get there.


We can show you how to manage your content effectively.


We can then use that content to attract, acquire and engage your customer and new prospects, deepening your relationships.

Video Production

Need a better vehicle to deliver your customer’s testimonial or case study?

Want your product brochures converted into cool animated explainer videos?

Or have a company or brand story that you want to tell?


At S2C, we can help you deliver high quality content, at a cost effective rate that delivers results. Get in touch with S2C for all your videographic needs.


As seasoned business journalists and ICT media publishers, we know what stories matter. We know what content resonates and with what audience.


We’ve been on the other side of the fence to the PR professionals (in the journalist and publisher trenches), so know a thing or two about impactful storytelling and how to create narratives to advance agendas.


From content creation, to media relations, to social media management, we can communicate clearly and think critically to help promote your brand and protect it, and help build a positive, meaningful relationship with an audience.


To hear more about the persuasion business (aka PR) or to learn more about how we can be your ‘image shaper’, let’s have a chat.

Brand identity

At S2C, we believe that your brand impacts every aspect of your business, far beyond style and colour choices; it’s about a clear defined strategy on who you are and how you represent that to the market.


Our expertise and qualified designers provide a framework for you to deliver quality, visual consistency across brand.


Podcasting is a very effective way to promote your business, whether you are creating a new show or advertising an established one.


It’s a more intimate medium. The nature of audio delivery can show your company’s personality while inspiring listeners. It can make your company stand out, increase your website traffic, give you greater brand visibility, and create a loyal following.


If you want to explore content podcasting or native podcasting, contact us to find out more about this service.


If your audience is investing time in looking for your content, the trust factor starts to grow. If they feel you provide quality content, and that they know you, this is building trust for you and your services.


Content builds relationships.


Quality, consistent content can be so much more than a single blog post. It can be reused as a book, an e-book, social media shares, images, videos, slideshows or infographic. At S2C, we can show you how to stretch out 1 piece of content to snackable versions.


Content allows you to establish, share, and strengthen your brand. It increases your SEO, attracts new viewers, supplements inbound marketing, and helps build up your library of content.

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Programmatic Advertising allows advertisers to show ads only to users who will likely be interested in their solution and services.


In the early days of advertising, companies reached out to a specific audience, but they couldn’t connect with people as individuals unless those people walked into the store. Over time, advertising has gotten more and more personal. Programmatic marketing is one way of personalising your connection with your customers.

We can deliver for you the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

At S2C, we can do this with Display |ABM | Re targeting Marketing | Social | Video | Native & Content | Install base | Geofencing


At S2C, we can create and deploy advertisements to deliver targeted messages to your key audience. This deployment can be for one-off marketing or included in a multi-touch program.


We can run across social forums including Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram, and also across designated news feeds, outside apps, and messaging apps relevant to where your targeted persona is consuming media.


S2C native advertising delivers your content via a promo within content-feeds on selected websites. Suited to your target audience, relevant sites are chosen and the native promo created relevant to the site’s information, style and tone that the audience typically expects.


We use your logo, headline and short description text of which appear in a special promo unit.


Programmatic  allows us to make native articles even more relevant, by leveraging machine learning and contextual signals; it can be tailored to both the user and the placement at scale, resulting in better performance.


These native promos can encompass videos, image carousels, infographics, blog content, page lands, and animations.

Nurture programs

At S2C, we are partnering with a specialist agency with over 10 years of experience in helping organisations generate more leads by running effective lead nurturing programs through the better use of marketing automation software.


Their fully tailored services are designed to maximise your marketing automation and lead nurturing investment – whether you’re exploring this space for the first time, or are looking to improve your existing deployment.

Event Amplification

Want to amplify your event by promoting your speakers and agenda to a key target audience pre-event?


Attending an event and want to make your presence bigger and impactful?


Running a physical event (or series of), and you want to expand your reach across social media to a wider audience that cannot attend your event?


Want to sustain public dialogues and keep momentum going post event?


At S2C, our event amplification services can help you make a bang and increase the reach and richness of your events.


The market is saturated, so how can you position your companies product or service strategically to your audience to stand out from the clutter?


At S2C, we position your creative and content across a mixture of media to generate more excitement and better engagement from your target audience.

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Events As-A-Service

We understand you won’t always need end-to-end event services.


You could just need an element of an event co-ordinated, event logistics, staffing, moderation/facilitation, content theming, agenda builds, audience acquisition strategy, booth set-ups, or follow up.


At S2C, you can break events into modules and use our as-a-service model. Contact us to find out more.

Event management

This could be as big or as small as you need. We combine experienced event managers with creative and innovative thinkers to develop your events.


From the creation and development of large scale events, conferences, awards, expos, to managing a professional roundtable luncheon, or a coffee catch up with executives, S2C provides it all.

Moderation / Facilitation / MC

Do you require a moderator that’s agnostic, knowledgeable, outcome orientated, and engaging to guide the conversation at your upcoming roundtable or panel session?


A Master of Ceremonies (MC) that is personable, energetic, quick-witted, charismatic for your event/conference/awards?


Or a facilitator that is well prepared, empathetic, perceptive, and analytical to help people make decisions to achieve faster results and outcomes?


Or you could just want recommendations on how to create and deliver perfect panel discussions.


We have you covered; reach out today with your specifications.

Audience acquisition

Our team members have years of experience in filling hundreds of seminars, luncheons, workshops, breakfasts, road shows, award evenings, and other events with targeted audiences.


Whether yours is a small roundtable, a breakfast, or a conference, S2C can help you acquire the audience of attendees matched to your targeting. We do this by aligning your content to the stage of the buyer’s journey and the persona of the buyer.


Our event audience acquisition services include new prospect list generation from a targeted pool, personalised digital communications, and event registration and confirmation services, which are fully customisable based on location, event size, and target audience.

Speaker acquisition

Are you having trouble finding the right subject matter expert to speak at your events?


Empower your company through presentations by strong, inspiring, dynamic,engaging, knowledgeable speakers who know the industry and topics, and can provide timely information that you and your audiences need.


S2C can engage the right speaker to make your next event a success.

Speaker engagement strategy

Participating in speaking engagements is a great way to put your company forward as a thought leader in your industry; it’s an easy way to help you get media coverage or at least link up with people who could help you get coverage in the future.

S2C can create an entire events calendar of speaking opportunities to give you that free coverage you are looking for relevant to your audience.We can also help you in designing compelling speech topics and show you how to “sell”  them into conference planners.


“if you build it, they will come.”


Events are an opportunity to present your solutions, engage new prospects and have face-to-face time, handshakes and real offline experiences with your target audience.


Competition is high and the market is saturated, so creating the right content that attracts an audience of buyers, influencers and decision making is challenging.


At S2C, we invest the time and energy into developing this strategy and plan, driven by data-based assumptions, to make your event a success.

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Collateral design/content

At S2C, our team of designers work with you to craft compelling brand stories that resonate in your required industry space.  From there, creativity takes the reins, with video, photography, illustrations, colours and typography combined into polished, consistent experiences.


We can produce every imaginable piece of collateral from event backdrops, to print ads, brochures, datasheets, whitepapers, social creative, product packaging, company templates and more.


Our strategic project managers will manage every project from beginning to end, from brainstorming through to concept, content through to design, production through to distribution. Whatever the requirement,  S2C would love to work with you.

Photography / Videography / Animation

From product, e-commerce, lookbook, or event photography, to engaging online experiences through animation, or exceptional videography, at S2C, we have you covered.


We listen to help develop and create your message.

We deliver a fast turnaround time, adhere to tight deadlines.

We have pop-up studios, creative directors, and on-location capabilities.

We have a full team who will work around the clock to make sure we meet your requirements to reflect the essence of your brand.

Graphic design

Are you looking for brand guidelines, presentation templates, advertisements, case studies, whitepapers, motion graphics, infographics or marketing collateral, to name a few?


At S2C, we can provide a wide range of business and marketing communications meant for any use – helping you create beautifully designed content, by expert designers at an affordable price.

Website development

Your website serves as the hub of all your online activity – it’s where you make money, and is your most crucial component of your marketing strategy.


Whether you want to create a fully custom website, utilise a full functional wordpress themed template, require website hosting, or just looking for website maintenance,  you can rely on us to deliver a quality service that suits your business needs.

Magazine creation

Are you looking to build a company magazine or an industry publication?

A stunning online flip book, ebooks, trade book, or a photo book?


At S2C, we can help you design and put together a magazine publication successfully to meet your project planning goals and deadlines to deliver the magazine creation you’ll love.


Getting started?

Are you a start-up, small business, or enterprise business that has a custom project in mind?


Do you want to stand out from the crowd, inspire and make a statement, to connect your brand with the right people?


At S2C, we can create stunning custom projects around whatever your business needs are, working together to create something your audience or business will love.

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Our Mission

With over 30 years combined of tech and media publishing experience and our creative and innovative minds, we will deliver you your end-to-end solution whatever that is with ingenuity, transparency, originality, at a cost effective price.

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Our Values

1. Customer Value Creation

Satisfaction, trust, positivity, conviction, loyalty, commitment, feeling, and experience.

Delivering our very best in all that we do, we are accountable for your business.


The service we give does matter.

2. Passion

Passion is at the heart of our company. We are committed in heart and mind.

We use our drive and commitment to engage, energise and inspire others.


Passion and personality matter.

3. Integrity

We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word. We are real.

4. Diversity

We know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make our company succeed. We encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion.

5. Courage

As a business we are entrepreneurial and, therefore, have to take risks, reach beyond comfort zones and boundaries and experiment, by challenging the status quo and finding new ways to grow our company and each other.

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