S2CRoar goes full ‘creation mode’ with Dell Technologies’ Podcast Series 

S2CRoar has made yet another splash with the full-throttle release of its power-packed Dell Technologies’ 4-part podcast series that explores ‘up-to-the-minute’ challenges and opportunities in the remote work, server and storage landscapes.

Hosted by long-time tech journo and regular TV and radio personality, Stephen Fenech, the fast-paced podcast series addresses common pain points of under pressure IT leaders, and highlights practical business and technology strategies to move forward and get a competitive edge.

Check out our 4-part series to hear from high-level Dell executives – including Charles Sevior, Robert Vinokurov, Andrew Underwood and Lewis Willoughby – who all reveal ‘must-hear’ solutions to deal with the growth of unstructured data, the ever-increasing need for data management and push for greater insights and intelligence.

Unleashing the Power of AI with PowerEdge

In this episode, @StephenFenech hosts @AndrewUnderwood of Dell Technologies to discuss how business leaders can, and should, approach and develop their #AI strategy.

Exploring the ‘new age of data’ to master a modern approach 

In this episode, @StephenFenech hosts @Lewis Willoughby of @DellTechnologies to discuss how organisations can unravel the confusion surrounding the ‘new age of data’ – and get savvy in storage management thanks to the latest tech advancements.

The main reasons to adopt ‘smarter’ optimal data management

In this episode, @StephenFenech hosts @CharlesSevior of Dell Technologies to discuss why and how IT storage managers are struggling with the growth of unstructured data and the ever-increasing need for data management and insights.

Empowering the Remote Workforce with Brad Howarth and Robert Vinokurov

In this episode, @BradHowarth hosts Robert Vinokurov of @Dell Technologies to discuss practical strategies to quickly and safely enable a #RemoteWorkforce and #MobileWorkforce.


If you would like to find out more about the S2C Roar podcasts contact aby@source2create.com.au


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